Saturday, May 19, 2012

Top Seven Tips to Being an Excellent Public Speaker

Every public speaker would like to be captivating,  have excellent speaking skills and be able to demand the audience attention to the end.  This mindset is good, however, may lead you to making quick decisions that  are not really worth it.  Public speaking is a skill that requires hard work and dedication. Please comment and add tips helpful to a  polished public speaker.

Tip#1 -   Keep it Simple
Speaking in a simple way helps to keep your audience pinged for a long time.

Tip#2 -  Speak with Conviction
Learn not to be boring when you speak.  Dont just give facts; speak from a place of passion and honesty.  Speak your soul not just your head.  Create a 'wow experience' for your audience.

Tip#3 - Do Your Research
People who constantly research stay ahead of the game.  The reason why you love to listen to a particular speaker is that they do thorough research to improve the subject contents.  Know your niche, know what your audience want, develop an insatiable curiosity for learning.  It will obviously show in your speaking and your audience will love it.

Tip#4 - Speak with Humor
Humor comes from being honest.  It is not faked at all.  Look at your topic and describe how it makes you feel, how it makes your audience feel and be descriptive.  You may unlock some humor you never thought you had.

Tip#5 - Create Headlines
If your headline is not attractive, it will cause your audience to switch off.  Capture the audience imagination using the headline.

Tip#6 - Be Generous with Other Peoples Contents
As you speak, refer to other peoples' articles that you read and liked.  The audience finds you kind this way.

Tip#7 - Connect with Influencers
Expose yourself to excellent pulic speakers.  Read their works. Listen as they talk.

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