Friday, May 31, 2013

Expression of thoughts: Mid Year Review

Expression of thoughts: Mid Year Review: Second half of the year is round the corner. Its a great time to call a meeting with oneself and make reflections on the first half of the y...

Mid Year Review

Second half of the year is round the corner. Its a great time to call a meeting with oneself and make reflections on the first half of the year and to make some adjustments for the goals of this second half.

Key Accomplishments. Looking back what are key accomplishments have you got done? What goals have you achieved? What things are you most proud of accomplishing? Which of your goals did you really miss the mark on?

Learning. What are the things that you learnt about yourself? What opportunities to learn new things did you take advantage of?

Mistakes. What mistakes could you have avoided? What mistakes did you make? What mistakes provided you with the most significant development and learning opportunities.

Time Management. How well did you manage your time? Have you been focusing your time on the most important things in your life? Are there are "time wasters" that you need to eliminate from your life? When are you most productive? When are you least productive?

Friday, May 10, 2013


"Acting as if" is great advice on building self-confidence. People respond to what you do and how you behave. So if you act and look like you are self-confident, people will treat you as someone who is self-confident.

Self-confident people greet others with a firm handshake, look at them in the eye, and smile. They offer their opinions confidently, and listen attentively to what others have to say.

Self-confident people expect to be accepted.  Therefore they are and their self-confidence grows.  People who are not self-confident expect to not be accepted. Therefore, they are not and their self-confidence is diminished.

To do this, you have to conquer the fear of rejection.  You have to do something e.g initiate a conversation. You have to show that you expect to be accepted.

"Expecting acceptance is putting yourself on par with any other member of the human species.  Expecting acceptance is stubbornly and justifiably holding a belief of simple self-acceptance.  No one is above you or below you.  We are all at the same level."

The key is to create your own positive self-fulfilling prophecy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It is Chilly

Its just so easy to skip your morning run or after dinner walk when its chilly. It requires a lot of motivation to exercise when its cold though exercise prevents stress and anxiety. New research suggests that exercise reduces the severity of cold or flu symptoms by 40% in adults over 50. How can we keep up with exercises when its chilly?

Cover your Head 50% of body heat is lost from the head alone. A warm hat will protect your head. Feet and hands needs protection too. When its cold, blood flows to the centre of the body to keep internal organs warm, leaving extremities vulnerable to frostbite. Wear warm socks to feet and two pairs of gloves to protect hands.

Plan Indoor Activities Rain, snow and wind chills should not stop you from workouts. You could skip the rope, kickbox, work exercise video or walk in the mall.

Stay Hydrated Drink plenty of fluids before, during and after workout even if you are not thirsty. You can become dehydrated in the cold season just like you can during summer workout. The difference is that its harder to notice during cold season.

Dress in Layers Layering helps control body temperature so you can remove or wear the clothes as you need them. Start with a thin bottom made of a synthetic material that draws sweat away from your body (cotton stays wet against your body) then add a layer of fleece and top with a windproof outer layer.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Want to bounce back?

Two people could be facing the same tough situation but have two very different responses to the situation. Anyone can learn to be resilient. Most people are resilient than they think. You just don't know it until you are put to the test.

Factors contributing to bouncing back:

1. optimism
2. social support
3. cognitive strength
4. core value system
5. faith
6. physical fitness
7. facing fears
8. positive role models
9. finding meaning in struggles

Monday, November 19, 2012


The just concluded Presidential elections in the US had me actively glued to the TV and on the electrol college votes maps twice a day for a couple to weeks prior to the elections. That is commitment.  I also realised that my commitment to writing had eroded me so here I return.

The most important single factor in individual success is commitment. Commitment ignites action.  To commit is to pledge yourself to a certain purpose or line of conduct. eg. commitment to school,  paying bills on time, friendships, marriage, religion, cause and we could go on and on. It means practising your beliefs consistently. Two conditions go alongside commitment:  1. a set of beliefs 2. persistence with a purpose.

The saying "stand for something or you will fall for anything" is a fundamental for commitment. Demonstrating commitment is hard work.  It requires determination and persistence.  It requires supporting and improving.  Commitment stands the test of time.

Commitment is proven during tough times. "A captain earns is reputation during the storms". When the finances are low, when competition scores big against you, when the glamour of success wears off, it is easy to compromise your commitment.

Lets stay commited to causes we believe in no matter what!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet my new hairdresser

Eureka! I have finally found a hairstyle that I can settle for.  Short hair.  This is after having done braids, perm, twists, natural hair and spending enough money, time, inconvenience, frustration,  uncertainty of looks and of course mistreatment of the scalp. I walk to the hair shop for the hair cut.  My new hairdresser goes "I have never never cut a black woman's hair.  Its abomination.  Its unacceptable".  She speaks at 200 words a minute and keeps her voice high as though she is addressing someone who is hard of hearing.  I can hardly understand what she is saying but I politely act like I do. She keeps piles and piles of books on hairstyles.  She makes me go through them and choose an alternative hair do than the hair cut. "How about my rights as a customer" I wonder as I go through the books. I finally look up and like her hairdo.  I ask her to do mine like hers.  I however do not know that it takes four hours to fix it.  Oh no! I have only two hours before I take off on a trip with a group of friends.  When the hair is half-way done, I have to go. I really like the hairdo!