Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Keep Your Drive Alive

I thought of these ways to reach ultimate goals and to push through any  motivation plateau:

1.  Setting the bar too low. "I will do my best" sounds like vow.  This can actually suck out of you all the motivation as it is vague leading to procrastination. To step up your game, set clear attainable, challenging goals and give yourself a deadline.  Specific goals helps you to focus your attention and increase your effort.

2.  Concentrate on three to five goals at a time. The more goals you work at simultaneously, the sooner you burn out and loose focus.

3.  Willpower can be exhausted from overuse. Shy away from complicated decision making when your willpower is depleted.  To sustain willpower, clock in enough sleep, eat well and get physically active.

4.  Do things to please yourself first before attempting to please others.  However, have a friend or family member who can help you problem-solve when you struggle.

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Anonymous said...

Another thing would be to learn to say no! To often we especially as Women are trying to achieve superwoman status and think we can do it all, so we take on to much stuff, one more project etc in the end it sucks up our drive and we end up exhausted --"Jack of all trades master of none" comes to mind:). In the end we have to prioritize so that the things we do, we do well!