Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet my new hairdresser

Eureka! I have finally found a hairstyle that I can settle for.  Short hair.  This is after having done braids, perm, twists, natural hair and spending enough money, time, inconvenience, frustration,  uncertainty of looks and of course mistreatment of the scalp. I walk to the hair shop for the hair cut.  My new hairdresser goes "I have never never cut a black woman's hair.  Its abomination.  Its unacceptable".  She speaks at 200 words a minute and keeps her voice high as though she is addressing someone who is hard of hearing.  I can hardly understand what she is saying but I politely act like I do. She keeps piles and piles of books on hairstyles.  She makes me go through them and choose an alternative hair do than the hair cut. "How about my rights as a customer" I wonder as I go through the books. I finally look up and like her hairdo.  I ask her to do mine like hers.  I however do not know that it takes four hours to fix it.  Oh no! I have only two hours before I take off on a trip with a group of friends.  When the hair is half-way done, I have to go. I really like the hairdo!